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Product Description

BUG RELEASE is a powerful and effective cleaner specifically formulated to soften and neutralize the acidic proteins found in bugs. This neutralization helps to safely release bug residue without attacking or damaging surfaces, including paint, chrome, glass and plastic.

BUG RELEASE is non-toxic, biodegradable and ready-to-use as a spot cleaner for light bug residue, thereby preventing bugs from spotting or staining paint. DIRECTIONS: Shake lightly. Spray onto a cool surface. For light bug residue, spray on and allow to soak for 60 seconds. Wipe clean using a WIZARDS MULTI-FIBER cloth #11420. Do not allow BUG RELEASE to dry or evaporate on the surface. If drying occurs, reapply. For heavy bug residue, flood area and allow to soak for 60 seconds. Wash off with a wet cloth, sponge or mitt. Rinse with water and dry. Always wash hands thoroughly after use. NOTE: Completely dried, baked on and waxed over bugs may require additional applications or extra scrubbing to remove. BUG RELEASE is NOT recommended as a wax remover or pre-cleaner for paint preparations.