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Red LaSoda Seed Potatoes 50 lbs  IN STORE PICKUP ONLY
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Very early variety that has high tolerance of heat, plants do not wither during heat and drought. Full Description

Beautiful smooth red skin with pure white flesh. Tubers are oblong and slightly flattened with medium deep eyes. An excellent potato for boiling, never loses its flavor. Known as the best storing red potato, will keep for months. Release by USDA and Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station in 1953, Red Lasoda does well in heat and is a great spud for the southeastern US.

Potatoes in a Pound: As an average, in 1 pound of seed potatoes, you will receive from 5 to 8 tubers. You can plant all the tubers whole. Or, to get more plants, you can cut a few of the larger ones so that you have at least one eye on each piece. In the picture below, you will see how to make 5 seed potatoes into 10. Use a multiple of 10 to figure out how many pounds you need. Figure 1 lb will plant 10 feet, 2 lbs will plant 20 feet, 3 lbs will plant 30 feet, and so on.

Potential Yield: To figure out potential yield, multiply the pounds planted by 10. So, if you plant 5 lbs. of seed potatoes, you should yield 50 lbs of potatoes. This is a good starting point for estimating the yield, however, many gardeners are able to bring in much higher yields due to great soil and great growing conditions.