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Lawn & Garden Care Products, Fertilizers and Soil Admendments

Lawn & Garden Care Products, Fertilizers and Soil Admendments
Lawns Careful maintenance is the key to a beautiful lawn. The appearance of your lawn will be effected by the environment it is living in and the treatment it is receiving. A healthy lawn requires a balance of air, food, water and light.

Mowing How often you mow your lawn dependent on how quickly the grass grows. In the peak growing seasons frequent mowing can dramatically enhance your lawns appearance.

Feeding It is vital that you feed your lawn at least every spring and autumn to ensure the soil contains the appropriate level of nutrients.

Johnson's Home & Garden has the experience and knowledge to advise what product should be used to maximise the condition of your lawn.

Overseeding Over seeding an established lawn is an essential part of annual lawn maintenance. It improves the lawn’s colour, helps fill in damaged or worn areas and will reduce possible weed and moss invasion.

Overseeding shaded areas

Most lawns have areas that receive reduced light levels due to foliage, garden structures or buildings. These areas can struggle to sustain lawn quality.

To overcome this we use a mix of shade and drought tolerant grasses, which have a fine bladed leaf and rich green colour.

Other maintenance procedures Other aftercare procedures for controlling pests and diseases should be undertaken to maintain the quality of the lawn.

We will discuss this with you and recommend the most effective proceedures as and when necessary.