" /> Heirloom State White Half Runner Bean Seeds One Pound
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Heirloom State White Half Runner Bean Seeds One Pound
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State Half Runner Bean Seeds. The largest pods of all half runner beans! Heirloom State Half Runner Green Beans grow on half-runner type plants. The plants bear heavy yields of 5" beans that are strong tasting and can be used as a green snap bean or left to fully mature and use as a dry bean. If you choose not to eat all of your harvest fresh, Heirloom State Half Runner Beans are well suited for freezing or canning. Bring on your most challenging weather as State Half Runner Bean can take it!! Some people let the plants of half runner beans dry down and use these as a dry bean, but that seems a waste of good green bean flavor to us. State Half Runner Snap Beans are a great bean to plant with corn, as they can climb up the stalks but not weigh them down as much as some pole beans. State Half-runner beans have runners 3' long and can be grown as you would bush or pole beans. Trellising may give you better yields as more of the plant will receive sun, therefore producing more blooms, which means more beans. Half-runner beans have a natural growth habit between that of bush and pole beans.

Matures 60 Days 1 Pound per 50 foot Row Planting depth 1 1/2" Spacing in rows 4 - 6 inches Rows Apart 2 - 3 ft.