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Havoc  40 2 Pack Pellets Rodenticide
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Product Description

Havoc® Rodenticide contains the second generation anticoagulant Brodifacoum. Brodifacoum has the lowest lethal dose of any anticoagulant in the market. This rodenticide achieves exceptional control in various situations.

Havoc®-XT Pellet Bait Packs come in ready-to-use place packs. Place packs allow the rodents to eat through the packaging - no need to open the pouch. This superior single-feed rodenticide can cause death within 4-5 days after a lethal dose is consumed. Will control Norway rats, roof rats and house mice - may kill both in a single night's feeding. Comes in a palatable formulation - combines active ingredient with a special mixture of highly attractive bait ingredients along with patented food processing techniques.


Contains the second generation anticoagulant Brodifacoum, the strongest available Controls norway rats, roof rats and house mice Can kill both rats and mice in a single night's feeding All-weather bait for the toughest infestations Contents: [80] 1.76 oz. bait packs

Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum

Bait Color: Blue

Mode of Action: Anticoagulant

About the Active Ingredient - Brodifacoum is a highly lethal vitamin K antagonist anticoagulant poison. In recent years, it has become one of the world's most widely used pesticides. It is typically used as a rodenticide but is also used to control larger mammalian pests such as possum. it is characterized as a "second generation" or "superwarfarin" anticoagulant. Brodifacoum steadily decreases the level of active vitamin K in the blood. Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of important substances including prothrombin, which is involved in blood clotting. This disruption becomes increasingly severe until the blood effectively loses any ability to clot.