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Heirloom Green Ice Lettuce Seed
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Product Description

Green Ice Lettuce Seeds Harvest well into summer! Juicy, bright leaves of dark green are lightly savoyed for extra crispness!

45 days. Green Ice is one of the crispest, most satisfying loose-leaf lettuces you can grow. The leaves are glossy, dark green, and savoyed, giving them extra-crunchy texture in every bite. Ready in just 45 days, they are among the earliest, yet last well into summer, thanks to superior heat tolerance. This is one loose-leaf that just won't bolt! A distinctly different look and appeal, combining the large, ruffled look of a looseleaf with the crunchiness of a crisphead. Gardeners have enjoyed its bounty for years!

Lettuce thrives in cold weather and can be sown directly into the garden, starting in early spring. For an even earlier harvest, sow indoors; the seedlings don't mind transplanting. If a fall crop is desired, begin in late summer. Grow in single rows, plants spaced 18 inches apart, or in containers.