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Gold Plated Biker Babes Christmas Ornament
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Gold Plated Biker Babes Christmas Ornament 3" x 3" Female motorcyclists seem to be on the rise in a big way. Not just willing to be the passenger anymore, women from all walks of life and all stages of life are interested in being in the driver's seat. Trends are changing and more women are buying their own bikes and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. Manufactures are noticing the women and are introducing bikes and gear in colors not associated with biking before.

Chapters are springing up all over for groups like "Women on Wheels", "Women Cruisers" and others. Whether in the passenger's seat or the driver's seat, women are being noticed in a big way. "Biker Babes" are here to stay and are on the rise!

Buy this ornament for your favorite female motorcyclist or biker babe.