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Chicory One Pound
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Chicory seed produces a perennial herb with a deep taproot that when planted in food plots, produces abundant spring and summer forage that deer love. Increased potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and sodium make Chicory leaves irresistible to whitetail deer. Chicory is a highly preferred, grazing tolerant plant that has good drought resistance. Chicory also provides food and shelter for other wildlife such as turkey and rabbits. If managed properly, Chicory has a nutritional value higher than alfalfa and a food plot of chicory can last up to seven years. Protein content of young plants can be as high as 32% and the leaves are between 90% and 95% digestible. Withstands browsing pressure well and is especially attractive when planted in a mixture with other crops. Seeding rates in mixtures - Chicory seeding rate varies with seedbed condition, seeding method, and seed quality. Generally, when seeding chicory alone, rates of 3 to 4 pounds per acre are sufficient. When seeding in mixtures, a legume is included because it has nitrogen fixing capability.