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Boston Pickling Cucumber seeds
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This cucumber is considered a pickling and/or slicing cucumber variety. Boston Pickling Cucumbers are little, black-spine cukes that are just the right size for pickling. You can also try them sliced in salads, too, and enjoy their exceptional flavor. Expect heavy yields from the productive vines. Harvest cucumbers from vine when they are 2"-6" in length.

INSTRUCTIONS In full sun, sow five Boston Pickling Cucumber seeds over a hill 12" tall and 2' across with well-drained soil. For smaller gardens, plant alongside a fence or trellis. When plants are 2' tall, thin to 3 plants per hill. Plant at 3 week intervals up to midsummer for fresh cucumbers all season. Keep cucumbers picked.

Planting Depth: .5"

Seed Spacing: Sow Boston Pickling Cucumber seeds roughly 4' apart in rows.