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Black Seed Simpson Lettuce Seed
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Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce Early, Curly, Delicately Flavored

Favorite leaf lettuce for generations of gardeners. Bright green leaves, tender and sweet at all stages. 48 DAYS.

Comments: Leaves are also broad, crumpled, and frilled. Well able to tolerate summer heat, drought. An exceptionally good keeper. Large, upright plants. Loose leaf type. Very early and adaptable. Withstands some frost. Slow bolting. Inner leaves blanch almost white. Very popular long favored variety, fixture in North American gardens for over a hundred years.

Zones: 3 - 9 annual Height: 6 - 7 inches Spacing: 4- 6 inches between plants, 12 - 18 inches between rows Depth: 1/4 inch Spread: 4-5 inches Sun/Shade: full sun Germination: 8 - 10 days Days To Maturity: 48 Yield: 50 lbs./100 foot row Fruit: Loose Leaf. Large, Light-Green Leaves are Upright, Crisp, Tender and Sweet